About Trevor Williams/ One:Six Shooter

I’ve been a graphic designer and creative director for over 25 years and now own a digital marketing company; The Brand Counselors. Recently after jumping back into collecting 1/6 figures after several years absence from collecting, I picked up a couple of Star Wars figures…which has rapidly turned into a collection of 70+ from various genres so far. While they looked great on my desk, I felt the need to do something more creative with them other than just posing them occasionally. I started taking pictures of them and posting them to my IG account. I soon discovered a whole community of great people doing similar things with their collections. It’s kind of consumed me since then and I’ve turned my IG account into a launching pad for my toy photography.

A card-carrying nerd when I was young, I dreamed of being a comic book artist. I drew and created all kinds of characters. and got pretty good. I never felt it was something I could crank out the way the pros did, however. At one point I thought about going into film directing but pursued design – which I thought was a safer route – instead. I’ve found shooting these figures to be the perfect marriage of these old interests. Framing shots and thinking of interesting angles to shoot a scene at to tell a story is one of my favorite aspects of this hobby.