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I’m a nerd.

I think I was a nerd before Star Wars was released when I was nine years old, but for sure after that. Action figures and their accompanying vehicles and environments were a huge part of my childhood; Star Trek, comic books, D&D…you name it. Although my tastes expanded as I got older, I still loved, and continue to love sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes and the like.

I still have some of those toys I had as a kid, but as my tastes evolved so did my desire for nicer “toys”. As my alias suggests, my primary photo subjects have been highly detailed 1/6th scale figures and environments. But horizons should always be expanding and my subjects have been lately to include Lego, 6″ figures and even the classic figures I’ve been hoarding all these years! I hope you enjoy looking through the work and if you do, drop me an email, or private message me on Instagram or Facebook.

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