Review: Molecule 8 1/6th John Lennon

I’d be remiss in this review if I didn’t speak about the – to borrow another Beatles reference – “long and winding road” that was the M8 launch, the John Lennon figure announcement, and it’s eventual release.

M8 burst on the scene in spring of 2017 promising something of a revolution in one-sixth collectibles. They touted a list of dream artists/sculptors attached to licenses like Willie Wonka, Taxi Driver, Big Trouble in Little China, Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters and more.

Among those, Lennon seemed a bit of an odd, niche choice to launch with but the preview sculpt looked amazing and the rundown of includes coupled with the promise of a newly developed body construct – whose structure had its own page on the site with chromed, Terminator-like renderings, made it intriguing even at the higher-than-average $299 price point.

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