Review: Big Chief 1/6 Auric Goldfinger (Goldfinger)

Bond fans rejoice, Big Chief Studios has secured the microfiche!

Sorry, sorry, no…they’ve secured the rights from the Ian Flemming estate to produce sixth-scale collectibles from the vast treasure trove of films in the James Bond series. Which is so much better than the microfiche (as far as you know).

Big Chief, based in the UK, has started the line with three figures from the third installment in the Bond films, 1964’s Goldfinger. This is the installment you can thank for all the amazing (and sometimes gloriously ridiculous  – *cough* crocodile submarine) gadgets and technology seen in the films that have followed ever since.

I reviewed Sean Connery’s James Bond previously and this time I’ll be focusing my sights on his cold-fingered nemesis, Auric Goldfinger as portrayed by German actor Gert Fröbe. Fun fact: Mr. Fröbe spoke little English and spoke his lines phonetically. His voice was dubbed by actor Michael Collins.

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