Review: Asmus LOTR Boromir

It’s no small thing to take on what is arguably the most beloved fantasy story of all time to produce anything that will be held up to the scrutiny of its fans worldwide. When Peter Jackson announced he was going to – finally – bring the tale to the screen the news was met with a mixture of hope and dread. It turned out that he was the person to take on the epic, even leaving a big distributor because they wanted to make it into one single movie.

Asmus Collectibles has been producing sixth-scale figures based on the film versions of the LOTR characters for several years now and they have had their hits and misses along the way. Until last year, the Asmus Fellowship consisted of Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippen, and Aragorn. Last summer, the archer Elf, Legolas joined his Lothlorien-robed partners and was followed by “slim” versions (reissues with fewer accessories) of Aragorn and more recently Merry and Pippen.

But the long, hard wait for a complete Fellowship is nearing an end with the upcoming reveal of the everyone’s favorite grumpy dwarf, Gimley and its newest release; Boromir.

Boromir was released in two versions; rooted hair and molded hair. I opted for rooted and I will be reviewing that version here.