Hot Toys Luke Skywalker "Cave of the Jedi" by One:Six Shooter

Review: Hot Toys Luke Skywaker (The Force Awakens)

The world we live in has its share of mysteries; the statues of Easter Island, Jimmy Hoffa’s resting place, why the Nazca lines were created, the Kardashians – to name just a few.

Among these great questions is the mystery of why no one seems to be able to accurately capture the elusive likeness of Mark Hamill. Let’s take a quick look at some of the attempts over the years…

Up until now, the Hot Toys DX07 (Bespin, top, third from right) has been considered by many as the best. Remove any of these current sculpts from their distinctively clothed bodies though, and the average (non-toy collecting) person might be hard-pressed to tell you whose tiny face you were showing them.

Hot Toys’ currently unreleased ROTJ Luke may be poised to take the mantle as the most accurate portrait of the young Jedi. Prototype images are never a sure thing though so we’ll reserve the crown until sometime next year.

But those are all young Hamill, and this review is about the current model Skywalker. Let’s see how he stacks up.

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