Behind the Scenes: “The Watchers”

With The Last Jedi coming out soon (as of this writing), I was inspired to create a scene I’d like to see in the film. The CGI work on Grand Moff Tarkin on Rogue One made me believe that Alec Guinness could be brought back as a force ghost in a very convincing way. I would love to see the trio from the end of ROTJ – ideally with the original Anakin, Sebastian Shaw. Since i don’t have a Sebastian Shaw figure though, Hayden will do.

In this scene, I imagined Rey finding her own kyber crystal – a purple one. Purple straddles the line between light and dark, the typical red of the Sith and the usual blue of the Jedi. I don’t think this jibes with canon, but who cares! Below is a walk-through of the process of taking this photo.