Everyone’s a Critic – Now I am Too!

Recently, I started working as a figure reviewer and content contributor for ExcluCollective.com. If you are a figure collector, toy photographer or fan and you haven’t checked out Exclu yet you owe it to yourself to check out the site or better yet, download (for free!) some of the past issues of the magazine (I hear issue #2 is particularly good.)

I’ve always been active on boards discussing the positives and negatives of figure releases with others but now I have to put those criticisms and praises into coherent, informative (and hopefully entertaining) words and pictures. For each review I’ll be shooting a new set of “portrait” shots of the figure and possibly a more elaborate set-based or outdoor shot.

I hope you’ll check them out along with the rest of the reviews and content on exclucollective.com it’ll be fun and ya just might learn something!