In a Bespin State of Mind…

I recently did a 1/6 shot with Luke and Vader in the carbonite chambers of Bespin (I’ll put some BTS up about that soon). But I picked up this Bespin Lego set last week which included Han, Boba Fett and an Ugnaut. Very simple, quick set to put together and it looked so cool – especially the carbonite frozen Han – that I immediately wanted to shoot a scene with it.

Lego is fun, but challenging, to shoot well – for me at least. Doing something complex with multiple sources of light is made difficult by the fact that the surface areas are so small that just getting some rim lighting on one figure that doesn’t affect everything else can be a pain!

I moved lights around plenty for this shot, but the key lighting is the large LED light with two orange gels that the entire set was placed on top of and secondarily, a diffused blue-gelled light about 3.5′ above the set.

The smoke was created with a standard fog machine which I’ve modified by reducing the opening to a flexible hose which gives pretty good control over the smoke. Took a lot of moving the placement of that around and timing it to emerge from under the set as well as getting some atmospheric smoke behind the set.

BTS and the final result below…

BTS-“Inspecting the Prize”