Joining the Legions!

Since discovering the fantastic Mythic Legions line of figures from Fourhorsemen Studios a few years ago, they quickly became my favorite toy to photograph. Fantasy art, as perfected by the Brothers Hildebrandt, Vallejo, and Frazetta, has always held great appeal for me and these figures bring those fantastic worlds to your shelf and their brilliant, customizable design means you can collect them as is, or make them your own.

I’m honored and thrilled to be working with the great people at FHS to bring even more life to the great site that Jeremy (@mythiccustoms) has built and who knows what else down the line!

An incredible community has grown around this line with pages like @mythiclegions featuring great photography and with groups like @mythic_legions_cabal providing a supportive, fun space for collectors, customizers, and yes, photographers.

You can check out some of the new photography on and read an interview I did with them on their blog.