Review: Sideshow Collectibles Bossk and IG-88

When you ask any Star Wars fan about their favorite scenes from The Empire Strikes Back, you will be counting a lot of votes for the scene in which Darth Vader informs the collected group of bounty hunters of their target aboard the Executor. This was, after all, the first official appearance of Boba-Fett (in live-action form anyway) and was also the coolest collection of badass aliens since the cantina scene in A New Hope.

Two of the other standouts on-board were the Trandoshan Wookie hunter, Bossk, and the assassin droid, IG-88. A gun-toting lizard-humanoid and a killer droid? Yes, please! These two are automatic members of any bounty hunter rouges gallery, but should they join your growing group of one-sixth scum and villainy? Let’s find out.

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